The Company

Born in 1997, since the beginning EWOL distinguished itself by the hi-tech materials and technologies applied in the design, the hydrodynamic and structural analysis for the construction of its products.

We are a dynamic company that focuses on the application of new technologies and materials, computer-aided 3D design and verification of structural performance through FEM and extensive testing.

Today EWOL Propellers are known worldwide as leading technology, performance and strength.

EWOL team has considerable international experience in the development and management of projects for innovative products with high technological content and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the context of the marine accessories manufacturing.

In 2011 EWOL presented “EWOL Titanium”, a product dedicated to larger yachts, with Titanium alloy blades enabling reduced weight of about 20 Lbs, high efficiency and mechanical resistance till over 160 cv.

In 2013 EWOL presented “EWOL Hi-Speed”, the only propeller dedicated to fast multihulls, Hi-Speed was awarded by the US magazine “Boating Industry” with the Top Product 2014 Award.

EWOL regularly presents new higher performance versions of its products and is also now working on developing additional innovative products that will see the light in coming years.

Today those seeking a truly reliable, technological and efficient propeller, a real solution to problems of maneuverability and sailing speed of their boat, choose an EWOL Propeller



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