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August 2017 - The first Solaris 68 installs a 4-bladed EWOL Pegasus propeller in Titanium
The first Solaris 68 - "One Shot", which will be exhibited at the Cannes Boat Show 2017, has been equipped with a Titanium 4-blade EWOL Pegasus propeller.
EWOL Pegasus is the specially designed propeller for Maxi and mini-Maxi boats with engine powers up to 400 cv and shafts up to 55-60 mm in diameter.
On One Shot, EWOL Pegasus has achieved high cruising speeds and great maneuverability, enabling very delicate reversals that do not stress the gearbox of the boat.
June 27th 2017 - Introducing the new EWOL 4 Blades for Maxi Yachts !!!

After 2 years spent in R&D and test, EWOL introduces the Hi-Speed 4 Blades for Maxi Sailing Yachts.....first deliveries happening in July 2017 !

Here is the preview of this fantastic product assuring best performances, lowest drag, accurate pitch optimization, smooth reversing and great boat maneuverability

June 15th 2017 - Vento di Sardegna wins again the OSTAR !!!
May 2017  -   EWOL Propellers at the OSTAR 2017
......again on Vento di Sardegna and with the great Andrea Mura ! Helping with the lowest possible drag ! 
January 2017 - EWOL at the DÜSSELDORF BOAT SHOW
From the 21th to 29th of January 2017 EWOL will exhibit at the Düsseldorf Boatshow 2017 - World's largest boat show
From the 6th to 10th of October 2016 EWOL will exhibit at the Annapolis Boatshow 2016 - the largest in-water boat show in the USA

September 2017 - EWOL Props awarded by ADI and IBI for Design and Technical Solutions

EWOL Propellers received the ADI Award (Association for Industrial Design) in cooperation with IBI (International Boat Industry Magazine)

We thank the organization for this prestigious award which recognizes the high level of Technology and Design of EWOL Propellers.

In terms of awards our product has now received multiple recognitions:

In 2011 at the Genoa Boat Show the award "Sailing Toward Innovation" by Enterprise Europe Network for EWOL Titanium

In 2014 by Boat Industry (American Magazine) the award "Top Product 2014"

And in 2016 this new award from ADI and IBI


Exhibitions 2016

- Germany: Boot Düsseldorf – 23 to 31 Jan. 2016 – booth 11A33

- France: International Multihull Boatshow – 13 to 17 April 2016 – La Grande Motte – booth H17

- Italy: Vela Festival – Santa Margherita Ligure – 5 to 8 May 2016

- France: Salon Nautique de Cannes - 6 to 11 Sept 2016 – booth QSP134

- Italy: Genoa Boat Show – 20 to 25 Sept. 2016 - Sailing World

- USA: Annapolis Boat Show - 6 to 10 Oct. 2016 – booth H11

January 2016 - EWOL proudly becomes official supplier of Solaris Yachts
Following testimonials of satisfied customers and subsequent testing at the site, Solaris Yachts chooses EWOL as the official supplier of adjustable propeller for its luxurious sailing boats.
It is a great pride for us to become the official supplier of such a prestigious and known worldwide shipyard for the excellence of its production.
This further encourages us to continue in the constant evolution of our products, an expression of technology, quality and Italian innovation in yachting around the world.
September 2016 - EWOL at Cannes Yachting Festival
Marine propeller manifacturer, EWOL has announced its presence at Cannes Yachting Festival this September, where it will display an impressive selection of important sailing catamarans, equipped with EWOL Hi-Speed propellers....
November 2014 - EWOL becomes technical sponsor of "Hiera" that wins the ARC Rally 2014
EWOL is technical sponsor and supplier of "Hiera" the Sun Odyssey 49 commanded by skipper Mario Cudia who has won the ARC Race 2014 in his category (Class C). The ARC Race is a regatta for cruising boats running from from Gran Canaria to St . Lucia - Caribbean.
Hiera dominated the race for all the 2700 miles and arrived ahead of other competitive boats and crews in its class: some Hanse 470e, Oyster 56, First 47.7, other Sun Odyssey 49 and even several catamarans.
An outstanding result achieved thanks to a fantastic crew and boat but also thanks to EWOL, the very low drag propeller that with its feathering position and its racy profile has enabled Hiera to gain more than half knot speed.
October 2014 - EWOL becomes technical sponsor of Eco-Sailing Project
EWOL is sponsor and supplier of "Eco-Sailing Project", the tour around the world of four French men sailing aboard Amasia, a 100% electric boat where the EWOL propeller will do its part to produce energy while sailing. An EWOL propeller is able to produce a significant amperage on demand when the batteries require recharging.
When batteries are then charged the propeller can be positioned easily back to feathering position with a simple operation from aboard.
September 2014 - EWOL becomes technical sponsor of "Vento di Sardegna"
EWOL is sponsor and supplier of "Vento di Sardegna" the legendary boat of Andrea Mura again performing at the the Route du Rhum 2014.
Result: Second place overall and especially first place within the monohulls - Andrea Mura has traveled the distance from Saint-Malo to Guadeloupe in 20 days, 2 hours, 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Another great result of this great team !
Recent comments about EWOL
July 2014
S.M.: Test OK, the prop is perfect, resolved the mooring issues with my long keel Alpa 42, perfect product and good customer care 
May 2014
EWOL Hi-Speed is a “Top Product 2014” – award by “Boating Industry”
EWOL thanks the prestigious nautical magazine Boating Industry for the "Top Product 2014" award.

EWOL Hi-Speed is a feathering propeller specifically designed for fast catamarans and fast monohulls, with blades designed to have a rearmost center of thrust to create a fin effect that keeps the propeller in the feathering position in any condition, even when the water flow is disturbed by the effect of the hull appendices in water at high speed

April 2014 - VelaFestival 2014 - Andrea Mura at the EWOL stand

Andrea Mura, friendly and already award-winning Italian skipper was also awarded the VelaFestival 2014 as sailor of the year, then he gave us the surprise to come to the stand EWOL to inquire about our technology.

Andrea won the last edition of the Route du Rhum in 2010, the 2013 Ostar always on Vento di Sardegna and was on the podium in 3rd place in the Transat Jacques Vabre with the trimaran Rennes Metropole. We hope to see him soon on a new podium around the world.

Good wind!

March 15, 2014 - Today at the EWOL booth in La Ciotat....

On the occasion of the boatshow Les Nauticales in La Ciotat, demonstration of the EWOL prop to François Gabart, winner of Vendée Globe 2013

October 2013 - EWOL at the Barcolana 2013
EWOL will exhibit their products at the village Barcolana from 9th to 13th October 2013.
As every year this event attracts tens of thousands of sailors and about 2000 sailboats from all over Europe, 5 days of pure fun, regattas big and small, top notch accessories, opportunities for sailors, concerts and good food.
DO NOT MISS IT! We are waiting to show you and let you touch our fantastic products.
February 2013 - EWOL is a source of renewable energy - Naviwatt test
The French company Naviwatt, specialized in the building of electric powered boats, has recently conducted a test of battery charge through the use of an EWOL propeller as an alternator.
Naviwatt is a company specialized in the production of boats with electric propulsion, in this type of boat battery charging is an important aspect, then have a reliable source of recharge becomes essential.
Naviwatt, in collaboration with WM Energie, EcoWays and with the support of EWOL Propellers therefore equipped a sailing vessel with an all-electric propulsion (photovoltaic panels, micro-wind generator, EWOL prop).
EWOL has been shown to provide for this boat propeller 17 "in diameter instant power of about 600 W at 7 knots sailing speed.


January 2013 - EWOL introduces "EWOL Hi-Speed"

During the recent NAUTIC in Paris, EWOL has presented the newest EWOL HI-Speed"

EWOL Hi-Speed is a feathering propeller specifically designed for fast catamarans and fast monohulls.

The blades of "EWOL Hi-Speed" have been designed to have a center of thrust rearmost so as to create a fin effect that keeps the propeller in the feathering position in any condition, even when the water flow is disturbed by the effect of the hull appendices in water at high speed.

As everybody knows, catamarans raise one of the two hulls that after some seconds of flight lands back in the water .

The water landing and in general the fast sailing creates flows of disturbed water under the hull and consequently the propeller could be thrust in a different position from feathering, creating therefore a spinning with fast and undesired accelerations at the gearbox.

The special blades profile of EWOL "Hi-Speed" ensures that during the water landing, the propeller is always able to immediately correct its position to feathering thus avoiding the unwanted accelerations and drag.

In addition to this EWOL "Hi-Speed" retains all the traditional features of EWOL propellers: the fine adjustment of pitch with a 10x better sensibility than other products in the market, the easy installation and adjustment with boat in the water, a considerable improvement in boat maneuverability, and improvement in sailing speed, all this with a remarkable mechanical strength and corrosion resistance conferred by stainless steel Superalloys used in the manufacturing of this exceptional product..


December 2011 - EWOL E-Cubed and "EWOL Titanium" NAUTIC at the 2011 Paris

EWOL propellers will be on display at the Paris Boat NAUTIC 2011 from December 3 to 11 - Hall 2.1 - booth B56.
EWOL E-Cubed, made of Stainless Steel super-alloys, is the propeller chosen by demanding sailors who appreciate high standards of quality and performance.
On occasion of NAUTIC of Paris 2011, EWOL introduces on the French market the new "EWOL Titanium", synthesis of strength and lightness thanks to the adoption of Titanium blades.

Since day one EWOL employs technological solutions and innovative materials used up to now only for aerospace applications. These innovations provide excellent product usability, resistance to mechanical shocks and galvanic corrosion performance far superior than competitor’s products on the market such as fixed propellers, folding or bronze feathering.
E-Cubed allows micrometric adjustments of pitch from outside, ensuring the achievement of the highest thrust and speed together with reduced fuel consumptions; this in conjunction with the least resistance while sailing thanks to its slim body and the feathering position.

E-Cubed drastically improves maneuverability when docking, making it easy for each maneuver even in heavy seas, strong winds and reduced crew, thanks to the high efficiency of reverse guaranteed the setting up and the asymmetric geometry of the blades.
E-Cubed is available on FlexDrive version, with a joint integrated shock-absorber that protects the S-Drive transmission from any mechanical shock.


September 2011 - Award "Sailing Towards Innovation" for EWOL Titanium

EWOL thanks "Enterprise Europe Network Italy" for the prize "Sailing Toward Innovation" received during the Genoa Boat Show 2011.
The prize was awarded to the company for the propeller EWOL Titanium, the only propeller in the world made ​​of titanium alloys and stainless steel super-alloys
These advanced materials confer great mechanical strength and corrosion resistance but at the same time great lightness to the product and allow to realize thin blades with consequent reduction in fuel consumption.




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