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EWOL propellers are made of stainless steel alloys that represent the highest technology in terms of marine corrosion and galvanic corrosion resistance, and are also equipped with the most refined technical solutions that make it unparalleled on the market.

EWOL propellers can be fitted on sailing boats with both traditional (endothermic) and electric engines and with both mechanical and hydraulic inverters. The components of EWOL propellers are made of super-duplex stainless steel alloys, developed by the steel industry for extremely heavy tasks.


EWOL: technology and passion!

EWOL was founded in 1997 and immediately set itself apart due to the hi-tech materials and hydrodynamic design and the structural verification technologies used in the construction of its products.
Today, the products of EWOL are known worldwide as a leader for performance, technology, regulating accuracy, ease of use and mechanical and corrosion resistance.
EWOL propellers are marked by an exceptionally long lifespan and designed to be upgraded over time. EWOL propellers can be adapted modularly to go with the boat owner on the boat and allow him to take advantage of the results of the EWOL Research and Development team, welcoming new Plug & Play technology solutions that can improve their performance.
EWOL regularly presents new versions of its products with increased performance, and is now also working on developing additional innovative products that will come out in the short and medium term. Nowadays, anyone seeking a truly reliable product that performs over time, solves boat manoeuvrability and sailing speed problems, and is always up at the cutting edge of technology and materials, should install an EWOL propeller on their boat.